Icon Construction has extensive experience in the following specialised fields:

  • Reticulation Networks
  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Storm water
  • Effluent
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Works and Pump stations
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Bulk Transfer Pipelines
  • Shoring of Excavations
  • Industrial Buildings

Our focus at Icon Construction is to continually develop through proactively building upon our previous delivery achievements into the contractor of choice in our fields of operation.

At Icon Construction our people are our most important resource and are fundamental to our development and success. We strive to be a preferred employer by providing our motivated, experienced and reliable workforce with challenging opportunities, potential for growth and success in the company.

The development and uplifting of our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and joint-venture partners is a core Icon Construction commitment, as is sustainable development.

Prior to the national implementation of BBBEE legislation, Icon Construction undertook to actively mentor a number of previously disadvantaged contractors. Our goal was to work in close conjunction with these companies to assist their development and to ensure their ongoing viability and success, an initiative that continues to this day.

Over time we have assisted in developing a number of previously disadvantaged contractors into sustainable standalone entities, many of whom now enjoy their own success in the industry. This is an initiative of which we as a company place a great emphasis.

Experience gained through our ongoing mentorship programme has been formalised into an in-house development programme that we utilise in our active mentoring of current previously disadvantaged contractors. Management commitment to the programme is outright and many training modules are presented by company management experienced in that particular field.

Icon Construction has the will, the ability and the capacity to successfully and profitably include emerging contractors in projects that we undertake.

Since our inception Icon Construction has had a history of offering in-service training to students studying in the civil engineering faculty.

Icon Construction has a bursary scheme aimed at assisting motivated people that are studying towards a career in civil engineering. Icon Construction students that successfully complete their in-service training and newly qualified Icon Construction students become part of Icon Construction’s mentorship programme that assists them in developing and progressing along their chosen career paths.

The Icon Construction mentorship programme is fundamentally flexible and has in the past been extended even to general workers that have displayed leadership potential.


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